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What You Should Know About the Securities Market If you want to invest in the stock market, there are a number of things you should know. If you do not understand the basics of the securities market, it is easy to lose money. You need to consider the financial stability of the company whose stocks you want to purchase as well as its future prospects. It is also important to find out whether the value of the stock you want to purchase will increase of decrease over time. You should sell if the stocks you have bought are likely to decrease in value in future. On the other hand, if they will appreciate, you should buy. Investing in securities is one of the best options for anyone that would like to keep their money safe and yet easily access it fast. You can purchase securities over the counter or on a physical exchange. Brokers trade securities on behalf of their clients via computers. Apart from securities, you can also buy or sell mutual funds and stocks of smaller companies over the counter. To buy the securities of large companies, the broker will have to trade on the stock exchanges. There are various stock exchange around the country. The biggest one, and most well known in the world is the New York Stock Exchange. When you buy a company’s stock through a broker, the company will receive a commission for each transaction. individuals are not allowed to purchase company securities directly. The government has formed a specific body to be in charge of regulating the securities exchange. There are various activities that can happen in the stock markets that can leave investors with huge losses. For example, incidents of insider trading can threaten the wealth of investors. The body in charge of regulating the stock market ensures that the companies listed on the stock exchange do not engage in unethical practices. This means the companies cannot inflate their market value to affect the perception of investors in the market. Companies that are found to be dealing in illegal practices such as insider trading are usually prosecuted.
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There are various factors that affect how the economy performs. The government ensures that the stock prices of a company reflect its true state at the current point in time. If there was no body regulating the activities of the companies listed at the stock exchanges, investors could undergo losses due to insider trading. Moreover, if the public is not confident in the stock markets, it will shy off from investing, which will make it difficult for companies to raise funds of r growth.
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The government ensures that companies listed on the stock markets are following sound trading practices. Apart from this, the body helps to protect investor money from unscrupulous companies that may be listed on the stock exchange.

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