StagflationWhat do the inflation data show? Below are graphs from the St. Louis Fed for five various measures of inflation from 1970-2008, calculated as the annual % adjust from the exact same period in the prior year.

But as Willie Sutton stated when asked why he robbed banks, Because that is where the dollars is.” By definition, the genuinely rich have a lot a lot more money than they need. If they do not, then they are not rich by my requirements. The 1st step toward placing our home in order, after we are past the seemingly looming recession, is significantly larger taxes on the genuinely wealthy and serious enforcement to protect against offshore tax evasion.

Morgan’s envoys to the President even used some subterfuge even to get an audience with Roosevelt and as soon as they did, it had to be the similar as Bernanke and Paulson attempting to convince President Bush to go against his deeply-held principles and approve TARP in order to stave off a particular depression. The envoys cajoled President Roosevelt to set aside his and let U.S. Steele’s acquisition to go forward to avoid a similar fate Roosevelt relented and the depression was averted.

What happened alternatively was the greatest boom in the history of the world. One that lasted until the late 1960’s. It was the war spending of the Kennedy/Johnson administrations as well as the insane monetary policy of Nixon that ended that and ushered in the age of stagflation something incidentally that Keynesian economists were positive could in no way occur. It was only the tax relief that Reagan pushed by means of that saved us from that. Even then the revolution was only half won, spending didn’t reduce, it elevated and has virtually destroyed us.

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