Proceeds Of CorruptionThe FATF has ready a study on the hyperlinks between corruption and funds laundering. This typology report differs from other such typologies previously developed by the FATF simply because it draws from publicly available work undertaken by authorities. The aim of the project was to superior understand corruption, its mechanisms and vulnerabilities, by way of an AML/CFT lens.

These components are elaborated in the various sections of the Communication. A historical introduction and a section on terminology are followed by a third section that highlights one of the most important aspects: the priority provided to political commitment. A clear political determination and an unambiguous stance by the Member States and the EU would give a clear signal to representatives of other countries.

Its secret oaths bind its members to come to the help of a brother, to lie when required, to safeguard a brother even if he has committed a wonderful criminal act. Masonic judges are bound to set their brothers free of charge must it at all be achievable or at least to give them the lightest sentence applicable to the crimes committed. Police officials will not arrest or at least will do what ever they can to safeguard fellow Freemasons. Retain in mind that the greater the rank in civil government, police agencies, and in the military the additional most likely it is that the person is a Freemason. They see to the promotion of their personal members.

The FBI investigation with the Department taking legal action for the prosecution of those responsible for such corrupt practices no less damaging than organized crime enterprises to America’s monetary markets and to recover the proceeds thereof to be returned to the individuals denied of fundamental demands when the sources had been stolen will reverberate around the globe that poor nations … Read more ...