Proceeds Of CorruptionThe history of corruption in Nigeria is strongly rooted in the over 29 years ofmilitary rule, out of 46 years of her statehood given that 1960. Successive military regimes subdued the rule of law, facilitated the wanton looting of the public treasury, decapitated public institutions and totally free speech and instituted a secret and opaque culture in the operating of government enterprise. The outcome was total insecurity, poor economic management, abuse of human rights, ethnic conflicts and capital flight. Democracy was restored in Nigeria only in May 1999, with the election of the civilian government beneath the leadership of president Olusegun Obasanjo.

Meanwhile, on the residence front(The Poor and dumbed-down masses) things are becoming hopeless and regrettably degraded. The reality is that there is a breakdown of the African loved ones and society, and this is taking location in many methods. We are told not to see this apparent reality-for the ANC is the ideal issue that has ever happened for us and to us they are up to speed in service delivery, yadi-yada blah-blah.

The information so far: A verify-kiting jewish actual-estate mogul (Solomon Dwek) who defrauded investors out of $400 million rats out a conspiracy of prime jewish rabbis (Eliahu Ben Haim, Saul Kassin, Edmund Nahum, Mordchai Fish) laundering millions much more to, among other things, mask ill-gotten gains from the sale of fake bags, probably to non-jews, for a decade or additional, and a jewish organ thief (Levy Itzak Rosenbaum), preying on non-jews in Moldova, Brazil, and South Africa, operating for much more than seven years. The verify-kiter’s bribery of non-jewish government officials has been going on for at least 3 years.

With the lost of windfall moneys from the Transhipment Scheme and very low taxes, the recovery or confiscation of such proceeds of crime will enable … Read more ...