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Cover Letter Writing Tips When Applying For High Risk Merchant Account Hearing what your sales representative has to say is imperative as you draft a cover letter. He/she can help you pinpoint points of interest that banks look at when it comes to risk evaluation. Note that underwriters are only human, thus you can sway decision making in your favor. A properly drafted cover letter will help you drive your points home when writing to a high risk merchant account service provider. It is essential to evaluate the risk involved. Businesses such as online gambling are classified as high risk, and require bigger security reserves making it important to consult a specialized bank. A step down we have businesses falling in the moderate risk category where approval is likely with considerable effort, a relevant example being multi level marketers. And finally we have low risk businesses, a good example being ecommerce operators. There is no offense in blowing your own trumpet by letting them know the areas you excel in. Stick to the facts because getting carried away might affect your credibility. The opportunity window is limited, and thus bragging to the underwriter of how you have an IQ of 165 will likely blow any chance you had. Boredom might as well kick-in if the letter is long winded to an extent the underwriter fails to read to the end. Let the spotlight be on individuals involved in making the project a success to avoid going out of topic.
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Trading volume is something that your bank will keep a close eye on due to the sums of money involved. Tell the underwriter of your rich trading history in the event that you handle high trade volumes. Should your history not be impressive, or you are just getting your feet wet, make it known to the underwriter how you intend to address the strong volumes concern. Validating why the fortunes of your business will not dwindle is the goal here.
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As crazy as it sounds, being open to the idea of security reserves is prudent in matters relating to ecommerce credit card processing. The underwriter will definitely explore this route if the risk score keeps escalating. Agreeing to offer security goes a long way to show that you are serious. Not only is this time saving, but the odds of getting favorable agreement terms increase tremendously. Cover letter writing is something that might seem tricky to business owners needing the help of a merchant account service provider. You need not fall under this category. The above are ways to convince the underwriter that you have what it takes. In case your application does not go through, it’s important to remember that banks have varying risk appetites. You might be seen as high risk by your bank, yet another bank would very willing to offer a helping hand.

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