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What is a Credit Card Reader and How You Can Use It

When we make payments using our credit cards, we notice a small machine that completes our transaction, and this is called the credit card reader. Given this purpose, a credit card reader is therefore necessary in finalizing sales or payments, and this is also a machine that can be used to read employee cards, customer cards and gift certificates.

Our business world today acknowledges the importance of credit cards in our daily transactions, and in connection with this, the role of a credit card reader is that to finish a sale or payment transaction by reading and processing the credit cards. In order to verify if a certain credit card has enough funds to cover the purchase or payment, the credit card reader takes the function of getting this information.

We will have more understanding about the operation of a credit card reader by knowing some basics of its operation first.

At the back of your credit card, you will see a shiny black stripe. The stripe part is the part that is being read in your card that will tell valuable information that will validate your transaction. The data embedded in the stripe of your card is being sent to the central tracking and billing system once your credit card is swiped, and this system process functions like sending the information to the credit card company where your credit card belongs. Once the credit card company receives the information from the issuing bank, it will now be determined if the owner of the card is valid for payment or if the card owner is already way below credit limit.

A simple credit card reader is basically composed of a magnetic stripe reader, a keypad for entering information and a small display. A keyboard wedge serial port or USB can be attached to the reader and it can have also a built-in printer or a separate unit.

Displays of a credit card reader has several types, one is a bigger display where you can see more information at once. In low light surroundings, to have a backlit display of your reader will be advantageous because you can still use it clearly.

Since keypads come in a some sizes and keys, it is easier to use if you choose the bigger keypad.
Before purchasing a credit card reader, it might help to take note of some features before buying it. One feature is if the reader can be attached to your computer through a port or USB especially if you are processing online. Another characteristic of a reader should be the ability to customize key functions and download your data to an electronic device, and it is advisable to ask about this. It is also recommended that your reader has a bi-directional reading capacity, or the reader can read data left to right and vice versa, because this will save you time.

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