Why It is Important to Know Where Food Comes From

Today, people are becoming increasingly concerned about where the food they eat comes from. Questions regarding food pop up all the time, including how it was grown or raised, if genetic engineering was involved, if the item is organic and more. While some people don’t let these issues concern them when it comes to the food they eat, the fact is that it is important. Some of the reasons this is so important can be found here.

Bridge the Gap from Farm to Table

This is a gap that has grown quite a bit in the past. There are many children who are not even aware that cheese comes from cows. This type of connection is what creates a healthy relationship between people and food. It also helps to encourage people to respect and appreciate food, and understand that it is not indispensable. Knowing how cows are raised and vegetables are grown is just as important as knowing how these foods nourish the body.

To Know what is Being Put into the Body

Purchasing processed and packaged foods means that quite a few “extras” are being eaten that most people would rather avoid. Take some time to look at the list of ingredients on the food. Processed and shelf stable foods usually mean preservatives, quite a bit of sodium and sugar and dangerous trans fats. However, whole, made from scratch and fresh foods typically mean clean eating.

Eating Local Reduces a Person’s Carbon Footprint

When local food is sourced and eaten, it means that it does not have to go as far to reach a person’s plate. For example, local carrots only have to travel (on average) about 27 miles while a sourced carrot has to travel as much as 1,838 miles to get to a person’s plate.

Taking some time to learn about food and how it arrives at a person’s plate can be quite beneficial. Additional help and information can be found by reading a Detailed article about Hampton Creek. This is a food manufacturer who uses healthy ingredients and local foods to create quality food products.

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