Laundering The Proceeds Of Corruption

Proceeds Of CorruptionPolitically exposed persons, or PEPs, presently represent one particular of the largest categories of clients with a higher risk for funds laundering, according to a 2009 report by the Monetary Action Task Force. With the elevated attention offered to PEPs in the FATF’s newest 40 Recommendations issued February 2012, PEPs call for greater scrutiny than ever from the economic institutions that bank them, and the law enforcement agents charged with combating financial crime.

When the doors of government’s treasury have been slammed in your face, you immediately went to the poor with your cap in hand promising them the planet, when you necessary their dollars to spend for your tax issues. You are like a man who steals a cellphone and then goes back to his victim to ask for airtime. You exploit our people’s genuine hunger for a better life.

I was in awe of the physical and moral courage of this gentleman (Bradshaw). Both his moral and physical courage had been tested sorely in the wake of 10th June, 1967. Because when facts of the plot have been revealed, it turned out that he (Bradshaw) was, to be humiliated, place on trial and at some point killed,” Sir Probyn told a packed congregation at the annual Requiem Mass held in the St. Paul’s Anglican Church to spend tribute to late stalwarts of the Labour Movement.

The distortion of market place costs by cross-subsidy is also a deterrent to additional water privatisation, as Globe Bank water official John Roome was swift to point out in his 1995 advice to then minister Asmal. Roome’s energy-point slideshow, which he later claimed was ‘instrumental’ in a ‘radical revision’ of Asmal’s water pricing policy, argued that municipal privatisation contracts, ‘would be a lot tougher to establish,’ if poor buyers had the expectation of obtaining anything for nothing at all. If shoppers did not spend, Roome continued, Asmal needed a ‘credible threat of cutting service’.

Like any viral disease it is tenacious and has the capability to replicate and proliferate into new neo-colonial neo-liberal strains, much as it did in a post-independence South Africa. In a transitional South Africa when it dawned on the moderate white population that it was inappropriate to speak of black folks in explicitly racist terms — whites that harboured racist feelings quickly learned a new language that no longer produced use of apartheid labels or applied distasteful descriptions about racial groups … at least not in public.

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