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What is an EB5 Visa and How to Obtain One An EB5 visa is described as an American visa specially intended for investors. Here, we will give you some general guidelines about this type of visa, covering about the process, the history of this visa, who are eligible to apply and how much money it would cost you to apply. The main objective of the EB5 is to encourage investments from outside the United States . Through this visa, it helps in bring more foreign money into the United States as a way of helping the US economy. This visa was conceptualized in 1991 together with a standard program. In the standard program of this EB5 visa, it requires a foreign investor to give the amount of $1,000,000 American dollars into the businesses in the US and help create 10 jobs. Once the foreign investor fulfilled these required standards, he or she is then qualified to legally live on a permanent basis in the United States. If the foreign investor met these basic requirements, his or her spouse and children under the age of 21 can also legally live in the United States. Since the introduction of the EB5 in 1991, it was not actually used for the following 17 years. The government was allowed to issue 10,000 visas under this EB5 program, but only around 500 EB5 visas were issued per year. The immediate reason for this has something to do with the difficulties encountered by the investor in developing a business far from his or her home country. No two countries are alike and these differences create a challenge to the investors when setting up a business in the United States thereby affecting the status of the business being tried to develop.
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A modification was made for the EB5 program around 1992 and the title is called Regional Center Pilot Program. In this new program, the foreign investors are allowed to make a smaller investment of $500,000 US dollars around regional centers and American investments that are qualified. For rich investors, this amount of $500,000 US dollars, was already a reasonable amount and justifiable to get the green card. But sadly there were abuses in the system that were found out and was costing the United States some money, and so the new program was suspended between 1998 and 2003. The abuses in the system were removed, and the new program called Investor and Regional Center United was created to facilitate and monitor the visa in an efficient way.
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Today, the EB5 limits its yearly quota to 10,000 visas and the investor has to invest $500,000 US dollars forwarded to an investment center within the approval of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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