6 years later, today we are thinking of shutting w-ki down, because of too many DMCAs to deal with.

But we started another very private music site months ago, and many of you received our invitation to join. I'm sorry I can't announce the URL here, because some of the people here does not come for music. If you are interested in joining us with another journey, please wait for our invitation, or by making a small donation, $1 at least, to kiss(@-@-@)w-ki.com via Paypal. We also have to know your usernames and e-mails. Please be awear invitation e-mails can't be delivered to addresses at web.de.

Thank you, and goodbye for a while.

wiki/music is currently undergoing unexpected maintenance.
Please try later or contact us wkimusic(at)gmail.com.

You are welcome to support us by donating via PayPal - kiss(at)w-ki.com

I hope we'll be back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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